Richie+Lara Andrews Wedding at Vizcaya Gardens

June 19, 2014
June 19, 2014 Jimi AA

Lara has been a friend for a long while and getting the chance to help her with her wedding video gave me a great sense of pride. I spoke with her on a few different occasions to plan the execution of her video production. We spoke about what she liked, what she didn’t and how she wanted the final product to present her, her newlywed husband and the day. This pre-production is a critical process to achieving a product that satisfies the producers and viewers, alike; and it is one of my favorite stops on the journey of production.

I’m by no means a devout wedding shooter, but I do know how to gather and translate someones ideas in a way that can be processed in a photographcally. Sprinkle in some of my kooky and empirical insight; and boom! Some good ol’ creative product.

Lara and Richie are both well known professionals in the wedding industry, so getting the nod from them to have me come out was pretty big. Their pleasure with the final product was undoubted, the best part. I invite you to enjoy a peek into their wedding day!


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